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Communication skills and tactics for deaf and deafblind people.

Been a while since I blogged, thought I’d better do an update. Suzie and David are both deaf. We work as a team, together with our hearing dog, all around the UK, delivering both deaf awareness and communication skills training … Continue reading

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Guest blog – Experience of bad access when relying on telephony

This is a guest blog from Tony: Right, this is the actual event of what has happened today (Monday 22nd August 2010) of my trip to the HMRC Office in Norwich which ended with almost bad experience for me. I … Continue reading

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Using Textphones with a deaf person

This is a follow up from my previous blog about telephony and deafness. Let’s look at issues caused by using a textphone (minicom). A textphone is NOT simply a  mobile phone with sms facility. I have a uniphone, this is … Continue reading

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Reflections on Deaf awareness in Liverpool

We had a brilliant day in Liverpool yesterday, 28th July 2011.  All in all 12 people attended, and two (well-behaved and much admired) hearing dogs. The atmosphere was serious, yet jovial and there were episodes of great humour and deep … Continue reading

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Why Deaf awareness?

Writing a page on Facebook was my first attempt to share deaf awareness with the world.  It was clear, Facebook wasn’t enough, so here we are with our first blog. “What is Deaf awareness?” or more importantly, “Why do we … Continue reading

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