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Why Deaf awareness?

Originally posted on deafcomm:
Writing a page on Facebook was my first attempt to share deaf awareness with the world.  It was clear, Facebook wasn’t enough, so here we are with our first blog. “What is Deaf awareness?” or more…

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Hardest Hit speech given in Manchester on 22nd Oct 2011

The Hardest Hit campaign is a petition and protest to the Government to protect the benefits of disabled people across the UK. The campaign has the following key messages: Disabled people, those with long-term conditions and their families are being … Continue reading

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Why do deaf people “sound funny”?

Way back in the 1990’s – when I got my Cochlear implant, I started writing a diary.  I had been totally deaf from the age of 5 through meningitis. This became a blueprint for a book I was going to … Continue reading

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Music is great if you’re deaf… really?

I’ve been watching how the music industry don’t seem to think deaf people listen to their wares… and that we are only really interested, maybe, in how loud it is, or how much “beat” it has got.  How wrong they … Continue reading

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Ramblings on a Friday night

Sometimes people praise deaf people for what they’ve achieved. It’s related to how they amazingly seem to cope in a world without sound. Something most hearing people can’t imagine. You close your eyes, you can imagine not seeing.  You block … Continue reading

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