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Banks… Beware! You are discriminating….. (again!)

One of my friends posted this on FB this morning.  This is how deaf people think about the new (stupid) security measures taken by some banks for their online security. I am reposting on my blog here so you can … Continue reading

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Hardest Hit speech given in Manchester on 22nd Oct 2011

The Hardest Hit campaign is a petition and protest to the Government to protect the benefits of disabled people across the UK. The campaign has the following key messages: Disabled people, those with long-term conditions and their families are being … Continue reading

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Lament of a new resident in an old people’s house

Before you read this – remember the vast majority of people in old people’s homes are likely to be deaf, or deafblind…..  Make sure you know how to communicate effectively if you are working in a care setting.  Disabled people … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Plus Net and TextRelay call charges

I had to find a qualified interpreter today so I could contact my telephone and internet service provider to ask them why my phone bill has gone up from £20 per month on average to £64 last month and £73 … Continue reading

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Exploring Deafblindness – it can and does happen to anyone

So what is this all about? To be deafblind  – no hearing, no sight – wonder if they know what’s happening around them? Surely deafblind people have lots of help, don’t they? They must be living in sheltered housing where … Continue reading

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Music is great if you’re deaf… really?

I’ve been watching how the music industry don’t seem to think deaf people listen to their wares… and that we are only really interested, maybe, in how loud it is, or how much “beat” it has got.  How wrong they … Continue reading

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Guest blog – Experience of bad access when relying on telephony

This is a guest blog from Tony: Right, this is the actual event of what has happened today (Monday 22nd August 2010) of my trip to the HMRC Office in Norwich which ended with almost bad experience for me. I … Continue reading

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Using Textphones with a deaf person

This is a follow up from my previous blog about telephony and deafness. Let’s look at issues caused by using a textphone (minicom). A textphone is NOT simply a  mobile phone with sms facility. I have a uniphone, this is … Continue reading

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Telephones and deafness…

This blog has been a long time coming. Lack of access for deaf people is rife. You may not have thought we would have issues. But we do. Lots of them. I’m going to start with the main one. That … Continue reading

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