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Mother, Wife, Teacher, Cook and Hearing dog owner. Passionate about Equality for deaf and deafblind people. Believes in communication for all and breaking down these barriers, real and perceived. Deafened.

Access, Communication and planning to be Disability Friendly

Today I say this: You know what – this has brought back memories, and just seen on the BBC news that Capita and ATOS estimate they are going to overspend by 200 million pounds the cost to the taxpayer of … Continue reading

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Being totally deaf on a Sunday – what’s the big deal?

Often get asked this, but how do you explain something you’ve grown up with and been living with since you became totally deaf at 4 1/2 years old? I started a book many years ago – never got it finished, … Continue reading

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Communication support for deaf people in the UK

There are 4 – almost 5 types of communication support: BSL/ English Interpreters – both Professional and recipient have to know BSL – including it’s grammar – at Level 5 or more. ASLI is the professional organisation STTR – both professional … Continue reading

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Impact of communication in families

Ramblings of an old deafie – or a deafie that rediscovered herself…. or a hearie that became deaf…. it’s not that bad. I’ve lived a life that’s full…. I lived a life in confusion – until now. Perhaps I should have … Continue reading

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A deaf person’s dream – courtesy of ABBA

I have a dream, a word to read To help me access everything Can you see the wonder of a lipreader’s tale We can hold our future even if we fail I believe in subtitles Something good in everything I see I believe in … Continue reading

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Hardest Hit speech given in Manchester on 22nd Oct 2011

Originally posted on deafcomm:
The Hardest Hit campaign is a petition and protest to the Government to protect the benefits of disabled people across the UK. The campaign has the following key messages: Disabled people, those with long-term conditions and…

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Hearing Dogs and The hunt for the Preston Puma

Hello blog, today I’m having a bit of fun, learning how to upload videos and pictures, and talking about our Hearing dog, Oscar 🙂   My husband, David is profoundly deaf like me. He wears a cochlear implant (CI) now, … Continue reading

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Communication support: Remote Captions using Respeaking vs Speech to Text Reporting

Communication –  spoken words, intonation, written language, sometimes a visual expression or a sign. Communication is knowing what people are saying, feeling, and a way of expressing a want a need, a thought or an order- being part of a … Continue reading

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Why Deaf awareness?

Originally posted on deafcomm:
Writing a page on Facebook was my first attempt to share deaf awareness with the world.  It was clear, Facebook wasn’t enough, so here we are with our first blog. “What is Deaf awareness?” or more…

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Pains, Perils, Deadlines, Policies, Frustrations, Telephones, Devils and Angels in the NHS by a totally deaf lipreader…..

Hello Blog. Long time no see. Apologies for leaving you in the dark, time to wake up and publish some news from me to you …. I am currently glued to a bed in my living room. I broke my … Continue reading

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