Wake up BT you can’t support Deaf people – or can you? prove it!

here is a simple selection of chat messages I have had with BT since a friend’s new broadband connection failed. It is impossible for them to understand we cannot communicate with them other than SMS or through a friend when there are no hearing people in the equation – SO frustrating – this needs to be rectified.

Names have been changed to xxx for the person and yyy for the BT agent on chat.

Sent /  recieved on Monday 1 Oct:

YYY Hello. I’m YYY . Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.
XXX: hi there – I am deaf and need lots of help!
YYY: XXX, is that your broadband do not work
XXX: yes – you are talking to Suzie – who set up everything for XXX- he has been going frantic because he can’t talk to you – can you text him on 0123456789
XXX: he can’t use phone, can’t get to emails, can’t get on web so can’t get any info
YYY: This seems to be a bit out of scope for me, I feel I should let the tech experts handle this for you
YYYhas disconnected.
YYY 222 : Hello. I’m YYY222. Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.
YYY222: Hi XXX!
YYY222: How may I help you today?
XXX: hi I am on another computer, I can’t get on anything and I am deaf, there is a fault on my line, can you keep me up to date by sms text as I am completely lost
XXX: I can’t use the phone, so you can’t phone me to keep me up to date you see
YYY222: Does your broadband and telephone not work?
XXX: broadband is not working, has not been working for 4 days – I am a new customer
XXX: the fault was reported by my friend’s dad who is hearing and it is (code for fault report)
YYY222: Would you like me to do a line test for you?
XXX: you can’t do it from here, I am at another address… yes please from my home
YYY222: Could I have your home telephone number please?
XXX: 123456789
YYY222: Alright let me check the details for you now
XXX: cheers
YYY222: :o)
XXX: There is no telephone on the line – just the hub  – I do not have a telephone
YYY222: Alright XXXI can see that your case is currently being dealt by the Network Faults Engineering Team at present
XXX: can you ask them to text me when it’s sorted? I can’t get online at home
XXX: my number is 123456789
YYY222: The Engineering Team does not text the customers as they deal with important issues and it is very important that they talk, could you give me some one elses number so that they can speak
XXX: no – there are no hearing people at home. I do not have anyone to do that  – you are gonna have to make an exception, or send someone round to see me face to face
YYY222: Alright I will post this to them so that they work accordingly
XXX: thanks – we are all desperate – we are all deaf trying to sort this out  – it’s very very hard
XXX: I am very upset – I think this is going to happen all the time
YYY222: I understand do not worry all will be sorted
XXX: ok – so they will text me on 123456789? or come round? – if they come round, they need to text me to let me know anyway

YYY222: They might also send someone
XXX: that would probably be the best way to deal – tell them to text 123456789 to make sure I am there
YYY222: I will paste this entire transcript to them so that they can read this and understand your problem
XXX: thank you very much 🙂 Appreciate it a lot. cheerio for now – how long do you think they will be in sorting it?
YYY222: It will be done urgently do not worry
XXX: ok cheers and thank you bye for now
YYY222: Thanks for contacting BT.. Have a nice day.. Take Care.. Bye..

we waited…. and waited… nothing, so here comes chat no.2 Tues 2nd Oct..

YYYi: Hello. I’m YYY. Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.
XXX: hi thanks
YYYti: Hello let me check that for you
XXX They keep ringing on my mobile – I can’t answer it I am deaf
YYY: Please bear with me
XXX: ok
YYYi: Still checking
XXX: I told you this yesterday – this is not good service to deaf customers is it, I have the transcript from yesterday too – you said not to worry and you’d sort it – now been over 28 hours since you said it – Thanks for checking
YYY: Welcome. I am sorry again for troubles
XXX: not your fault, I don’t shoot messengers!
YYY: XXX what is the status of the hub lights now?
XXX : hang on – I need text to see as  there is no connection there and this is another broadband line…
XXX: Earlier it was flashing orange, has been for last 5 days
XXX (waiting for response (sms)
XXX: same orange flashing,,, then off,,, then flashing again…
YYY: Could you please restart the hub?
XXX: texting… hang on
XXX: this is gonna be slow, cos I have to text instructions, then wait for text back with response… (joys of being deaf!)
XXX: Ding it now… I told him to wait 10 sec before switching on again…
YYY Yes. Is there any one who can help you ………….so that we can transfer the call to our level 2 support
XXX: no – we’re ALL deaf, that’s why we’re finding it so hard!
XXX: you really need send someone out 1:1 chat – can’t use phone
YYY: Please bear with me
XXX: that’s fine, we’re all used to being let down and this hassle cos of reliance on telephony
XXX: Power and Wifi both blue – Broadband (middle light) still flashing orange
YYYi: XXX already the issue has been escalated to our level 2 support. They are dealing with it.It will be fixed as soon as  possible.
XXX: how will we know though 😦
YYYi: You will get an text sms on your mobile number. Is that your mobile 123456789?
XXX: they keep ringing  yes 123456789
xxx: ok thanks – suppose we have to wait?
XXX: Suggest you ask them to sms xxx directly so I don’t have to be middle person – he has no broadband to contact you you see
YYYi: Yes
XXX: he says he doesn’t want to pay for engineer call out?? where did that come from?
XXX: it’s not our fault we can’t communicate
YYYi: Our level 2 support will tell him the update. Now they are dealing with that.
XXX: ok so I can leave and hopefully they will sort it with him via sms? he’s upset
YYY: It will no worries
XXXe: ok thanks bye for now 😀
YYY: Welcome

ok now we think we’re getting somewhere….


YYY: Hello. I’m YYY Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.
XXX: hi there
YYY: XXX, please can i have your mobile number please? so that i can call you and run the test on the line
XXX: still having issues – 3rd time I’ve been on chat – the engineers keep ringing my phone, I can’t HEAR on it – I need SMS as I’m deaf – can you pass this message on? it’s the ONLY way we can talk to you
XXX: you CANNOT call me, I am DEAF
YYY: sorry to hear that
YYY: let me check it for you
XXX: my mobile is123456789 please do NOT ring it – use sms
YYY: XXX, please give me few moment i am running test on the link
XXX: which link?
YYY: i am sorry line*
XXX it has already been escalated to level 2
XXX: they keep ringing,  – no good, can’t hear on mobile – need sms – how many times do they need to be told?
YYY: This is to be read verbatim on EVERY call where an engineer visit is required
• “Before I can send an Openreach engineer out, I have to read you a mandatory statement to inform you of any possible charges associated with an Openreach engineers visit.
YYY: • We may charge you £130 for an engineer visit if:
– The fault is found on equipment connected to or interfering with the line
– The network has been damaged within the boundary of your property (for example someone has run a vacuum cleaner into the socket or a hedge trimmer through the line outside)
– No fault is found”

XXX: well you cannot charge me cos I cannot talk to you – if you sms then it can get sorted. It’s bordering on discrimination
XXX: I am a new customer, the line has just been put in!!!
YYY: XXX, if there is fault in your house then only you will charge other wise no
XXX: well I am on benefits and can’t afford it
YYY: i am ready to send engineer to check for you
XXX: it is a brand new line!
XXX: I can’t authorise it
XXX: I will have to text the instructions you have given me
YYY: ok if not i will raise this case to engineer but it will take 72 hours
YYY: for that you wont charge
XXX: well this case has been going on for more than 72 hours cos you won’t sms me!
YYY: yes i can see that, you’re case is open till now
YYY: How ever dont worry i will take care of it
XXX: ok thank you – what are you doing now?
YYY: i will make sure that you’re fault will get done as fast as possible
XXX: thank you – and don’t ring the mobile please – use sms
XXX: I have full records of all the chat, just so BT know – this is a case where they can certainly improve their customer service
XXX: for deaf people. thanks for pushing it to get sorted. cheerio for now.

Been away for 2 days – still nothing, no texts, no engineer round …. so time to get cross… BT management, you should be ashamed!!!

YYY: Hello. I’m YYYi. Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.
XXX: Hiya
YYYi: I am sorry for the trouble.
YYY Do you use bt hme hub?
XXX: I have had enough of customer help with BT you cannot – I mean CANNOT get it we are all deaf and we have waited and waited for a response  – you can’t help us!
XXX: yes problems with the connection – it’s a new one  – I am the only person who can get through – I am speaking for XXX cos he can’t even see any messages you leave on his My BT – cos he can’t get online. He can’t hear on a phone, he does not have one, and he can’t hear on a mobile – you have promised to text him on 3 separate occassions (I have the chat transcripts) and you have not contacted him AT ALL.
XXX: something about a delcaration that the engineers have to say to get out of turning up and having to pay a £130 fee for engineer to come – well this is discrimination agianst deaf people – we CANNOT GET IN TOUCH ANY OTHER WAY!!!
XXX: it’s been over a week and you say if we wait 72 hours (which is less than a week) you will send one out free of charge – so what are you lot playing at?
XXX: I want it SORTED TODAY and I want you to send someone out no fuss, no charge to go and see him face to face and put his mind at rest. I will escalate this to the complaints dept as a discrimination case if you do not.
YYYi: Let em chck
YYYi:  May i know your name please?
XXX: I’m Suzie Jones – I helped XXX set up the whole package at the beginning because he’s not confident cos of his deafness
XXX: hence my email is on everything, everything that comes from BT is coming via me, so I can teach him how to use it
XXX: I’m deaf too BTW
YYY: Have you done all the checks with phone sockets and filters
XXX: I have asked him to open the socket – he freaked and he looked and then got scared – simply cos he can’t see the video on the BT website – I’ve had to explain via text message as well,  – you can’t do this cos he can’t hear instructions, doing by sms is very very difficult.
XXX: I don’t think he saw the “master” socket… so you’re gonna have to make an exception in this case – really are – cos if I go round and try it, I still wouldn’t be able to chat to you, I’d have to come home on chat and then tell you – he’s 40 mins drive from me
XXX: because he’s got no conneection
XXX: do you get it now? how hard it is?
YYY: Let me check
XXX: Instead of checking, why don’t you just tell the engineer to go round and sort it all – it’s the logical solution  – this really isn’t working is it? and you CANNOT charge him cos this is a complete farce, you need to have some system in place to react for those who can’t hear on the phone and when the broadband crashes is completely helpless. I mean completely helpless, because there is no other way to contact you when that happens… he has no phone, no minicom (it’s a new line) and is otherwise completely reliant on sms messaging – which you seem incapable of understanding. There are no “hearing people” around he’s on his own, and even suggesting getting a hearing person to do it is a failure on your part to make your services accessible
YYY: Let me tell you one thing i am from the level 1 support. I do not have the authority to send you an engineer right away. If i send an engineer and there is a fault inside your home then it will be chargeable and if there is any network fault it will be free.
XXX: I know that, I’ve been told that – and I’ve been told that if you wait 72 hours then the charge will be waived. however it’s a new line, and so what are we expected to do? if we can’t hear instructions on how to sort it, then of course you’ll have to go round face to face or use SMS – which you can’t even do. so please YYY, get your manager to authorise the attendance of an engineer free of charge and to speak to him face to face – this is not a run of the mill case
YYY: I am sending you one link which will help you to check the equipments
XXX: that won’t work!!! I ‘d have to sms how to do it to him, then wait for a response, it’s no good, I’ve tried that
YYYi: What do you want me to do now?
XXX: I know it’s been escalated to level 2 support anyway – but level 2 support haven’t contacted him
XXX: I really don’t know what else can be done other than tell your manager to sort it – if you don’t have the authority to do it he should
XXX: XXX can’t even ring 151! ha ha ha ha
XXX: xxxcan’t even send you an email to explain what his problems are…..!!
XXX: He CAN text you – but you’ve not given a text nummber at any time – that’s the missing link – nd your engineers won’t text
YYY: Please give me a moment please I am checking
XXX: I’m gonna put this on social media – for everyone to see – we’re not the only ones who have problems when there is reliance on telephony – believe me this is gonna go further if you can’t get someone to communicate with XXX – he should not be penalised for your lack of access to information.
XXX: I have to go to work, been on here arguing – or making sure that BT understand our issues and frustrations. – for over an hour (including waiting for an advisor
YYY You will get the update on text messages
YYY: Yes
YYY: And our relavent dep will do needful to solve this issue.
XXX: thanks… and my mobile is 123456789 if you need me to step in and help
xxx: ok thank you. if he’s not back online, I’ll be back when I’m back from work. (sorry YYY, it’s not you I’m cross with, it’s the system)
YYY: Welcome
XXX: bye bye

nothing has been solved since, NO sms has been recieved, no email either – no w BT – how are you gonna respond to this? dated 5 Oct 2012.

About Suzie

Mother, Wife, Teacher, Cook and Hearing dog owner. Passionate about Equality for deaf and deafblind people. Believes in communication for all and breaking down these barriers, real and perceived. Deafened.
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3 Responses to Wake up BT you can’t support Deaf people – or can you? prove it!

  1. Suzie says:

    Update – Sat 6 Oct:
    Still no connection, and still no sms and it’s now 11.30am… we went back on chat around 9am….

  2. Liz says:

    You know i had same problem with Virgin Media not being deaf friendly as they made out to be. Doing same thing as BT have done to you. As you know I went to O2. I am coming up to a year with them and its been all plain sailing. They text. They email. I can have a live one to one chat via there website. Or I can go to my local O2 store and chat face to face. So definitely be with them another year when it comes to re-newing my contract.

  3. Alexander says:

    wow…. i feel bad… my uncle and great grandmother are deaf and its hard to communicate, but they shouldnt be discriminated against, wish you luck with these morons….

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